Fabryx: A Game-Changer for Maidenhead Lawn Tennis Club

Fabryx: A Game-Changer for Maidenhead Lawn Tennis Club

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit Maidenhead Lawn Tennis Club to see how their new collection of club-branded merchandise was doing. We caught up with the club's competitions director and ladies team captain, Leah Cohen, who gave us an insight into the success of their new range of merchandise and how Fabryx helped to overcome the previous challenges they had with their club branded wear.

Maidenhead Lawn Tennis Club has around 700 members who compete across Berkshire, with players who represent the club at a county level. Their new range of club branded merchandise has generated extra revenue for the club and boosted team spirit among members.

In the past, the club had struggled with finding consistent colours and styles to create a full clubwear range. Additionally, Maidenhead had found it challenging to collect sizes and distribute their team merchandise. This is where Fabryx came in.

We understand the importance of high-quality, customised merchandise for clubs. We worked closely with Maidenhead to create a tennis-specific range that reflected the club’s vision. One of the benefits of using Fabryx was that Maidenhead were able to use their own fonts and logos. This creates a unique range of club wear which provides a sense of unity and identity. Using their own fonts is something that they had struggled with in the past as others had a nonflexible cookie-cutter approach.

Leah explained that she had a clear idea of what she wanted for the store, and was grateful for the expertise of the Fabryx team in guiding her through the process. “Fabryx was fantastic and just really understood my vision for the shop quite quickly,” she said. “The big difference with Fabryx was they were very quick to respond which was fantastic. It was very quick to set up.”

Once Leah was happy with the designs, we set up an online store specifically for Maidenhead Lawn Tennis Club, making it easy for members to order merchandise online. They could order their merchandise directly from the website, with a range of sizes and styles. This has been a huge benefit for the club, as Leah explained: “The ability to have the shop set up and have it be zero maintenance for the committee is a huge deal.” 

Additionally, the Fabryx store has been able to provide a new channel stream of revenue for the club without any intervention from the committee.

Maidenhead had been impressed with the quality of the merchandise. The members loved the hoodies, which were easy to play in and felt high-quality. The merchandise range was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Members were proud to wear the club's logo. Members have also remarked on how easy it is to order from the clubwear range.

Other clubs have also taken notice of the merchandise range. Leah has been quick to point them the way of Fabryx. Leah concluded, “My experience with them has been fantastic. I would recommend them to any sports club.”

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