10 Ways to Grow Your Fabryx Store Within 2023

10 Ways to Grow Your Fabryx Store Within 2023

As we roll into 2023, now is a great time to grow your club's Fabryx store.

We want to help you get the most of your Fabryx store. So, we have compiled some handy hints and advice in order to flourish in 2023.


Be Sure to Inform New Members

With the turn of the new year, joining a club is bound to be at the top of a resolutions list for many people. With an influx of new members, it is important to ensure they are aware of your merchandise store.

This will help them to settle in as merchandise is an ideal way that somebody can feel part of something. Custom merchandise creates a great sense of belonging. Therefore, new members shouldn’t delay in sporting merchandise for their new favourite hobby.


Circulating the Marketing Material

As a Fabryx store owner, you will be supplied with regular bespoke marketing material. This will help in reinforcing your store to your members and keeping it top of mind.

The marketing material is personalised to your club. This covers a variety of areas which includes seasonal promotions, competitions and inspiration pieces.

Simply share the marketing material to your members via your preferred communication method. You will be supplied material which is suitable to be sent via a variety of channels including email, Facebook, WhatsApp and more.



Share Your Store Link

Alongside your supplied clubwear marketing material, it is incredibly important that the link to your Fabryx store is regularly shared with your members. This is to ensure that your store is easily accessible to your members.

For example, if you send out regular emails to your members, ensure that a link is always contained. An easy way to add this would be to include a link to your store within the header or footer of your emails.


Adding Your Store Link to Your Existing Platforms

Following on from sharing your store’s link, it is important that it is also included on your club’s existing platforms. Make sure there is a store link on your:

  • Website
  •  Social Media bio
  •  WhatsApp group description / pinned messages

Simple Ordering Process

It is worth reminding your members about the ease of ordering on a Fabryx store. For example, there are no minimum order requirements, so members can order whatever they require, all year round.

Your clubwear is made to order and will be delivered directly to your members address, so there is no need to bulk order and collect from the club’s facility.  


Get Familiar with Your Stores Product Range

In order to grow your store, becoming familiar with your product range is beneficial. This will allow you to recommend products and product combinations to members.

With your Fabryx store there are many products which are perfect to combine. This can create a full clubwear outfit. Additionally, products are available in a variety of styles, fits and sizes. Therefore, your clubwear is inclusive for all members.


Let Us Know Your Product Requirements

Once you’re familiar with your product range, you may feel that your existing product range needs adding to or items to be removed.

Perhaps your club needs accessories such as bags, socks or wristbands. These can be easily added to your store and are available from premium brands including Nike and Adidas.

Simply get in touch with us and we will work with you to ensure that your product range fully meets your club’s requirements.



Be Visible with Your Merch

Spark intrigue and get the conversion going with you members by wearing and showing your clubwear. This can spark conversions around how and where to get your club’s merchandise. Also in person, your members will be able to see the high quality of the print and of the garment.    


Share Member Feedback

If your members have given feedback about any part of your Fabryx store, then we would love to hear it. This can be anything about the look of the store, product range, ordering process or communications.

We will do the most to accommodate any feedback from yourself or your members. This will help to ensure that your club is getting the most out of your Fabryx store.


Plan your Club Merchandise for the year ahead

We are sure that your club has big plans for this year and why not reflect this with your club merchandise. If you plan on having a tour or an event this year, you can commemorate this special occasion with merchandise.

Simply let us know if this is something which you would like for your store and we can add tour/event merchandise alongside your existing range.

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